Day Spa Business – How To Design It Efficiently

Constructing a day spa business takes some planning to make the spa more efficient and cost-effective. Building a spa can be expensive and will need a lot of plumbing work. You can get a professional designer or give instructions to your contractor about implementing the proper floor plan. You can still make your day spa functional and stylish at the same time. It is also important to provide a relaxing atmosphere in your spa.If you want to make your day spa business a one stop shop place that offers hair treatments, manicures, pedicures, massages, and facials; you will have to create a seamless and smooth flowing floor plan that promotes an efficient work place for your employees and at the same time make the spa relaxing for your customers. Here are some tips that may come in handy when constructing and designing your day spa business.When thinking of a theme for your spa, be sure to choose a timeless design that will stay fashionable and chic for a long time. You don’t want to be too trendy and have to redecorate your day spa business again only a few years after you open. You can pick a classic elegant design, something urban chic, or ultra modern. Bottom line is, your design should project tranquility to promote relaxation for your customers.You can have a standalone structure which may be harder to market than one situated at a busy shopping center. It is also more expensive to rent a standalone structure than getting a smaller space at a department store. When deciding on the size of space you will rent, consider if you will be offering a full range of services or just a few procedures that will use up smaller space.You should already have contacted a contractor who will build your day spa business. Discuss your lay-out with your contractor. He will need to know what type of procedures you will offer and which rooms will need plumbing or where to place electrical outlets. These have to coordinate with the procedures like tanning, foot spas, facials, and hair treatments because some may need water or electricity.Design areas that need water near the main water source so you don’t have to spend too much money laying out plumbing throughout the whole spa. For example, foot spas, shampoo areas, and showers for some procedures should be placed near the main water source, while other areas for manicures and facials can be positioned further away. If you will be having a laundry area, place that too near the “wet area.”Put massage rooms away from noisy areas like manicure rooms. Customers tend to chat while having their nails done. Position massage rooms away from hair treatment areas too to avoid noise from blow dryers. Provide more privacy and a quiet area for massage rooms. Place cabinets in each massage room so that staff won’t have to go in and out of the room while working on a client.Provide more space for profitable procedures, and provide less space for procedures that bring in less earnings. You should also have a break room for employees which you can combine with the laundry room to save space for money generating areas.Don’t forget to construct a comfortable and inviting waiting lounge too which can be next to or in the same room as your reception area or cashier. It is important to get the design right the first time around so you don’t have to renovate too often.

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